“Give Donkey Milk to a sick child” fund


We recently did a fundraiser for a family that didn’t have enough money for gas to get to our farm to get donkey milk for their son. (He has an autoimmune disease that attacks the brain.) You all blew me away with your generosity, and many of you wanted to bless more kids in need of donkey milk for health reasons (check out our story.) With this purchase you will help bless a child with the Donkey Milk they need. We will pay it forward and use these funds to give more donkey milk to the families and children in the most need (financial or physical.) Unfortunately, it’s illegal to ship raw milk, so please don’t ask. It breaks my heart to have to say no.
***This is NOT to purchase milk for yourself. This is a donation. And no, unfortunately we aren’t a non-profit, so it’s not a write off. Just a blessing. If there is a sick child you want to donate milk to, please put their name and contact information in the order notes, and make sure they’re ok with it first. They will need to pick it up on our farm in Luther, Oklahoma. Thank you for your sweet hearts!