About Us

Milking donkeys was never one of the goals for our life, but sometimes God throws a wrench in our best laid plans.  And in the end, it all works out for the good.

For our family, that wrench came June 6, 2014.  The day our 6 year old daughter woke up a different person.  Her fun loving, sweet, gentle, creative personality was replaced with behaviors we had never seen before.  Little did we know, she had a case of strep throat, causing an autoimmune disease that attacked her brain (PANDAS).  The top doctors in the nation said their "best guess was antibiotics every day for the next 13 years."  We stubbornly refused to accept this as the answer.  We cried, a lot, and prayed, a lot, and cried some more.  God answered that prayer in an unlikely way, through an unlikely source...Donkey Milk.  In other cultures donkey milk is well known for it's health benefits, but in America it is an extremely rare commodity, made even more difficult to find since the donkey only gives a few cups of milk a day, and only until the baby is weaned.

So we did what any desperate parent would do for their little girl.  We bought donkeys. Our little herd began with 3 American Mammoth Donkeys.  These critically endangered donkeys are the descendants of George Washington's first imported French donkeys, royal gifts from the King of France.  It was our first President's dream to create a breed of mule that would be strong enough to work this new land, and for this, he needed a large, strong donkey to sire the mules.  When the mule fell out of favor with the advent of the tractor and plow, the need for Mammoth Donkeys declined, and so did their numbers. 

Our Dulce de Donké products are made with the extra donkey milk that our daughter doesn't need for her health.  It's an extremely limited supply, and each bar is hand crafted with the utmost care to minimize wasting a single drop of this "liquid gold." 

For more about donkey milk and it's amazing benefits for your skin, please read our page on Donkey Milk.

For more about Mammoth Donkeys, their breed, and why we love them and believe everyone else should too, please follow us on Instagram at Dulce de Donké.

If you are searching for donkey milk to drink for health reasons, please feel free to contact us, we have a limited supply, and we give priority to sick kids who need our milk. Unfortunately, it is illegal to ship raw milk, so you will have to pick it up on our farm in Luther. Milk pickups are Friday afternoons, by appointment only. The first jar is free for children with PANDAS / PANS, with the purchase of 3 more jars. Our milk is frozen in glass jars to avoid leaching BPA from plastics, each jar contains approximately 1 3/4 cups. If driving to our farm isn't feasible, please join the facebook group "Donkey Milk for Health" for farms around the world.

Donkey Dairy Tours: As much as we would love to do farm tours, we aren't set up for them at this time. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on future "Donkey Dairy Days" events and glamping on the farm.


Saundra and The Dulce de Donké Family