Dulce de Haër 2 oz


Our newest leave-in conditioning and styling balm for hair (or beards!) My husband swears by it for a beard balm and says it clears his sinuses at the same time! We had a hair stylist test it for us and this is her review...

"Girl!!!! I have to say that my hair is in some of the best condition it's been in....in foreverrrrrrr! This hair concoction is the best ever. I've been using it it for every hair need I have. It's amazing! I just had to update. You can put on a lot for deep conditioning treatments from scalp to ends or use as a styling leave in on wet hair or just the ends for repair, or to take frizz. I've been using it as a deep conditioner too which I use quite a bit. It makes an awesome blow out leave in cream.It protects the hair from heat damage an whatever your hair doesn't soak up it steams out which is awesome! I even love it on my lips an cuticles! It's bad to the bone for so many things! It also holds my curls when I use my iron as well. Curling iron and with flat iron. It keeps the frizz down big time. I love the condition my hair is in and I thought it was in awesome health before. Plus have you tried it as a scalp massage/treatment?! It's Amaze!!
And it washes out clean with zero build up.
I look forward to being able to offer my clients with some of this hair concoction too. It's sooooooo good. I also this hair concoction is awesome around the hairline when I do color retouch because it helps keep the skin from getting stained. When I say it has 101 uses I'm not even kidding!"
Rachel Manard, Tulsa, OK Stylist

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