"Better than Botox" Moisturizer 1.5 oz (BEST SELLER)


(Please read before ordering.)
Because we believe your skincare should be as fresh as your food, and we refuse to use dangerous parabens, phthalates, or formaldehyde, our moisturizer is best when used within 4-6 weeks or refrigerated for longer use. Our moisturizer is made to order in small batches, once a month***. We ship that months orders immediately after they are made, so each bottle contains the maximum benefits and is marked with the batch creation date and the expiration date. We have a limited supply based on the amount of donkey milk produced on our farm, and we only make enough to fill the orders we have, so please place your order by the FIRST day of the month to ensure you get on the list for that month! ***Orders received AFTER the first day of the month will not be filled until we make the next batch the following month. If you order other products with your "Better than Botox", they will all ship together when your moisturizer is ready.

Most skincare products sit on the shelf for months and have expiration dates to outlast King Tut, but some of the best ingredients (like Rosehip Seed Oil), have a six month or less shelf life. Using products with ingredients that are past their prime not only means they've lost many of their benefits, but can also cause free-radical damage. Just one more reason people can't believe the difference when they try our "Better than Botox." It's like the moment you try a fresh baked cinnamon roll after living on Little Debbie your whole life. Like your first swim in the ocean when you grew up with a kiddie pool. Like sunbathing on the beach when you thought tanning beds were the bomb. Like, well, you get the idea.

Check out the rave reviews from beauty bloggers on our Publicity page, read the reviews below from our customers, or just take our word for it, this stuff is the shiznit. The epitome of Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious in a jar. And it's all organic, cruelty free, sustainable, eco friendly and crafted in small batches on our farm in Oklahoma with our farm fresh donkey milk. We only use the highest quality organic oils and butters. You never have to worry about finding soy, parabens, or tetra sodium EDTA in our products.

FREE Shipping in USA on all orders. (For a limited time, order two or more items and we'll throw in a free sample of our new, all natural Dulce de Déodorant.)

INGREDIENTS (*Organic): Our Farm Fresh Donkey Milk, *Aloe Vera, *Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter, *Rosa Moschata (Rose hip) Seed Oil, *Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Non-GMO Emulsifying Wax NF, Stearic Acid, *Corylus Avellana (Hazelnut) Seed Oil, *Lavandula Hybrida (Lavandin) Essential Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid, *Tocopherol (Non-GMO, Sunflower derived Vitamin E Oil),

REVIEWS for "Better than Botox":
"This moisturizer is so awesome. I have rosacea and other skin irritations regularly. I have spent hundreds of dollars on skinceuticals , kiehls, darphin all for redness relief and solid moisture without too much oil. My skin is sensitive yet tends to be oily too.... I am using it daily. So it will be gone way before expiration date. It's amazing. I want to share with everyone or maybe I want to keep it my lil secret. Ha! No , only kidding. I have been passing the good news around. I'm seeing my esthetician this week. Can't wait to share with her.
Btw... used the charcoal soap last night in my bath. LOVE it....."Kathy in Dallas
"Thank you so much! I'm completely obsessed with how my skin looks and feels this morning! I most definitely want to be on the list for the next Better than Botox and Quail Egg Soap. I'm so thrilled with the other soaps I ordered as well. (Oat and Honey and Pure Unscented) My skin is beyond grateful. Thank you for making natural amazing products. Your story is inspirational." --Manard
"It's been almost a week of using these nourishing products from Dulce de Donké and there is no going back for me! The Better than Botox moisturizer is a game changer! My skin drinks it up without any greasy residue and the moisture is absolutely refreshing. I massage about a quarter size into my face at night and wake up every morning to skin that feels exfoliated and smooth, and it's all natural!! I'll have a full review of the 3 products I tried on my website (they were all simply wonderful!) Who knew about the pure magic of donkey milk!? In the meantime, check them out with the link in my bio. Saundra is the owner/ donkey whisperer and has the sweetest soul and a truly moving story on how Dulce de Donkey began." -The OKC Woman blog
"I got a bad sunburn on back yesterday, and we've been using your lotion on it, it's the best sunburn relief of all!! -Bonnie in Oklahoma
"I never leave home without my donkey milk moisturizer lol, I'm so addicted" - Felicia in Oklahoma
"I love mine! It smells so nourishing and it feels like silk. I am hooked."- Darian in OKC
"I just used my Better than Botox tonight for the first time. I love it! My skin just drank it in! I'm gonna be a big fan of your products! -Rogina
"Love this moisturizer, tried my first batch last month and loved it." re-ordering --Yardly
"So excited! I got my new batch of Dulce de Donké Face Cream! I've been out for months, so this is massive excitement." - Jenni in Oklahoma